We've been working on school websites for about seven years or so. In that time the web has gone from something that was almost an afterthought to the most important communication tool a school has. Your website is important because it serves such a wide audience: children, parents, Governors, prospective parents and Ofsted!

Often your website will be the first impression that people get of your school. It's important to get it right.

What do I get with a Pixelbox site?

All Pixelbox school websites come with some core features and some optional extras. Schools taking a Content and Support Pack (CSP) get the extras as standard.

Unlimited Pages Included

Your content is important which is why we won't charge you per page. You can have as much (or as little) as you want on your website.

News & Letters Included

Getting your letters and newsletters to your parents can sometimes be a gamble. With our websites you can rest assured that you'll never find them screwed up in the bottom of a book bag.

You can also get your news and letters direct to your parents inboxes using Newsmail.

Calendar Included

Term dates, holidays, INSETs, performances and special events. It's all covered by the calendar. We also offer XML and iCal feeds so your parents can keep their calendar synchronised with their own.

Tweets Included

Reach a whole new audience with Twitter. It's also a really easy way of getting pictures onto your website nice and quickly.

We'll get you set up on Twitter (if you're not already) and your Pixelbox site will pull all your latest tweet and pictures straight on to the homepage,

Comments Included

You can add moderated comments to any page of your website. Don't worry, nothing gets publish unless it's been checked by you or our team (Content and Support Pack required).

Links Included

Help your children find safe and useful websites by curating a collection of recommended links to exciting resources.

Vacancies Included

Advertise your job vacancies on your site. Vacancies are time controlled so they disappear once the application deadline has passed.

It comes complete with tracking so you know exactly how many time your application form has been downloaded.

Notices Included

Put important reminders on your homepage to make sure no one misses anything.

Sitewide Alerts Included

If you're forced to close the school for any reason then fast and effective communication is important. A large banner across the top of every page of your website will certainly get noticed.

The site also comes with a school status page that you can direct people to for further information.

Web Stats Included

It's important to know how many people have visited your website. It helps to tell us what people find important and what they enjoy. If you take a Content and Support Pack we'll regularly review your stats to see what we can improve.

Web Stats is powered by Google Analytics.

Video Ready Included

Videos are often the single biggest draw to a school website, especially when a popular performance has been posted. You can share those amazing moments (and all that hard work) with your visitors on your video-ready site.

Advent Calendar Only With A CSP

This seasonal favourite is added to your website at the start of December. Behind each door you can hide some art work, a joke, or a festive video. Most schools run a competition for children to submit a Christmas themed drawing and then they open a new door each day to see who's has been chosen.

The advent calendar is an incredibly popular addition and is only available to schools who take a Content and Support Pack.

Box Office Included With A CSP Optional Extra

Sell tickets to your school performances via your website.

Club Booking Only With A CSP

Allow your parents to book their children into your extra curricular clubs.

Video Filming and Editing Only With A CSP

Our Content and Support Packs offer video filming and editing. Got a special event coming up, a performance, an interesting lesson or visitor? Let us know and we'll be there to film and edit it into a lovely video for your site. All for some very reasonable monthly rates.

Forms Included With A CSP Optional Extra

Save your office time by digitising your most popular forms. Allow parents to fill them in securely and your staff to work with the data via the website, or as a PDF.

House Points Included With A CSP Optional Extra

Track and display house points on your website, including a handy graph to help each house track their progress.

Newsmail Only With A CSP

Parents can sign up to Newsmail by entering their email address in your website and selecting the kind of news and letters they'd like to receive. Then when you add those to the website they can be automatically sent out to everyone who has subscribed.

Shop Included With A CSP Optional Extra

A nice and easy way to sell school uniform or DVDs of your performances via your website.

Staff Included With A CSP Optional Extra

Showcase your staff and their place in your organisation. You can also add a picture and short biography.

Where Are They Now? Included With A CSP Optional Extra

Form staff or students can leave moderated messages letting you know what they are up to now and their favourite memory of the school. The site will automatically select some video or picture highlights from that year if they are available.

Don't worry, nothing gets published unless it's been checked by you or our team (Content and Support Pack required).

Trending Videos Included With A CSP Optional Extra

Want to know what videos are the most popular on our site and how many time they've been viewed? Trending Videos allows you to break it down yearly, monthly, or even daily to see what people are enjoying on your site.

Trending Videos is powered by Google Analytics.

Blogs Included With A CSP Optional Extra

Blogging is a brilliant and quick way for your staff to contribute to your website. It encourages collaboration through comments (always moderated) and can be expanded to create safe space for children to join in the conversation.

Blogs are powered by WordPress and require a Content and Support Pack to enable continued maintenance and updates.

Parents' Evening Appointment Booking Only With A CSP

Allow parents to book appointments with your teachers via your website. No usernames or passwords are needed; once a parent requests an appointment the teacher just has to approve it.

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