How to send content for your website

All submitted content will be considered cleared for publication and must adhere to your organisation's data protection policies.

Please email content for your site to, or send it via WeTransfer


You can send us text for any page in the body of an email, in a Word document, PDF or any other common text file format.

If you send us (news)letters or a document that contains special formatting then we'll probably PDF it and upload it to your site. Otherwise we'll extract the text and any relevant pictures before creating a new page.

Unfortunately we can't use text from files designed for interactive whiteboards like Flipbook or SMART Notebooks.

All text must be copy and pasteable. We won't type things out, so please try and avoid scanned PDFs.


If you have a small number of pictures then you should be fine to email them as normal attachments. Make sure your email programme or app isn't compressing your pictures so you can fit them all in one email.

If you've got a lot of pictures to send, or aren't sure of the best way then use WeTransfer. You can send files up to 20GB and everything will reach us in its original quality.

Please only send the original image files. Don't put your pictures into a Word document or a PowerPoint.

If your email application asks you which size you'd like your pictures sent in please choose large or original.


Video files tend to be quite large (especially those in HD) so we recommend using WeTransfer. You can send files up to 20GB and everything will reach us in its original quality.

If your school is on the Editor Content and Support Pack then we may edit your videos together if appropriate.

When you're recording video please make sure you hold your device in landscape.

Do not send video via email. Some devices compress videos to fit in an email and the quality will be reduced as a result.

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