Questions about our Content and Support Packages

Why are my pictures / video too small?

Email is great, but there are often limits on the size of files that email servers allow. This is commonly in the region of 30MB, which is fine for a few images, but not many. Because of this mobile devices (especially Apple ones) will reduce the size and quality of images and video so they be fit into emails.

Unfortunately this means that sometimes pictures, and especially video, reach us in a format that isn't quite good enough to publish online.

How do I stop that happening to pictures?

We always recommend using WeTransfer to send us pictures because you can send an unlimited amount, in one transfer without any loss of quality. If you'd prefer to email your pictures it may be necessary to split them between multiple messages.

Your device may ask what size you'd like to attach your images as, if it does then selecting 'Original' or 'Large' should be fine.

You'll need to make sure that you're sending the full size, original images, and not just re-sending the already compressed images.

How do I stop that happening to video?

Video is almost always too large to send via email. We ask that all video is 720p as a minimum so you may need to go back to the device that it was recorded on to get a higher resolution copy.

You can send the video to us directly from the device by going to our WeTransfer and selecting the video you'd like to send. Or you can connect the device to your computer and send it from there.

What are your opening hours?

We're open 08:30 - 17:30 Monday to Friday, and closed on bank holidays.

We don't normally close during school holidays, but do take a break between Christmas and New Year.

Can you call me? / Can I call you?

Unfortunately not, we operate an email only service for content updates.

We manage content for a lot of clients and our service is based on fast turnarounds. Our staff don't have time to take change requests or answer questions over the phone.

If you have questions please email them to us and, if appropriate, a member of staff will call you back. You need to ask your question in your email. We won't make callbacks for unspecified reasons.

What happens if I need to add something to my website in an emergency?

We appreciate that not everything can be planned for and emergencies don't always take place in office hours.

Our content inbox is usually monitored after hours and we'll do our best to add your content in an emergency. When making an out of hours request please sure your messages are clear and concise and contain all relevant attachments.

Can you edit this document?

Our service includes unlimited uploads and edits to pages on your website.

Apart from converting relevant content to PDF we don't edit documents, presentation, videos or files that we didn't create.

Can you help me with this third party website?

The service we provide relates to websites designed and maintained by Pixelbox. We can't offer assistance with any other sites, products or services.

Can members of staff have access to the website?

Yes, we can create as many users for the content management system as you need.

We strongly recommend your staff keep these for emergency use only. We cannot guarantee the quality and consistency of your website unless the content is uploaded by our professional web designers.

Why do you use YouTube for video hosting?

Video hosting on the web can be tricky because of the requirement to store and then deliver large files quickly.

Hosting videos on the school's web server would be prohibitively resource intensive (especially if multiple people stream the video at the same time) and so we add videos to an unlisted YouTube channel to ensure the best user experience, and best use of our resources.

You videos won't show up in a search on YouTube and can only be accessed via your website.

My files are too large for email. What can I do?

You can send us files of any size via our WeTransfer account.

There's more information about the kind of files we accept on our How to send us content page.

Are there any limits on the amounts of files I can send?

Our service offers unlimited uploads to your website.

During busy times we may throttle our service to ensure fair levels of access to everyone. If that's the case you will be notified if you uploads will take longer than expected.

Can you download files from our network drive / shared area / cloud service?

We ask that clients actively share files with us, so that we can be sure they're approved for publication.

For larger files we recommend using our WeTransfer account.

Unfortunately we can't access your network shared area or cloud service (Google Workspace, Microsoft 365) to retrieve files.

Why does my PDF show the name of a different school when it's uploaded to the website?

PDFs created from Word documents will use the title set in the document properties.

If you've used a file from another school, or copied and pasted a document, these can carry across.

We can remove the title from the PDF, but it'll just reappear when you send over an updated version.

To remove the title, in Word click on File, then click Info on the left hand side. It'll show you a couple of columns of information, and on the right hand side it'll say Title.

If you click the title, you should be able to edit it. Remove it then save the document and it won't show up next time.

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